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This is where we can all meet to chat.  If you are new to the site - come here and introduce yourself.  I look forward to meeting all of you and getting your feedback on the new site, where you want to go with it, any sexy news you may have, etc.  

Keeping Life Spicy!

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  •  DrNan: 
    I'm looking forward to meeting my friends here as well as making new ones.
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  •  2_4_69: 
    Hi there! We are Darrin and Nikki. We are looking forward to meeting new lifestyle friends. We love to travel and want to take our first lifestyle vacation. Hoping to find a few places to choose from or even visit!
     27.04.20172 replies2 replies 
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  •  DrNan: 
    Hello Everyone - This is Dr Nan. This is my personal account so I will be quite choosey as to who I befriend - only people I know well. As the Admin - you all have access to me through that account. This one.. Is my play ground. ;-)
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  •  admin: 
    Hello everyone... Please join me in this group so we can use this as a meeting place when we sign on to see who is here and what's happening.
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