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Exotic Lifestyle Retreat 2019


JUNE 22 ~29, 2019





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Hosted by Dr. Nan and her team for a life changing, empowering and inspiring week to reconnect to your authentic and sexy self!

RETREAT FEE:  (This is in addition to your Hotel/transportation reservation)
Exotic Lifestyle Retreat 2019 - a week long retreat for women and those who adore them!  For single women, single men and curious couples.   

Meet Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce (aka Dr. Nan); 
     A Doctor of Human Sexuality, CEO, Sensual Yoga Therapist, International Speaker, Radio and TV Personality and long time sensual hedonist!  She, along with her brilliantly sexy entertainment directors, Cameo Kyle and Juju, they bring you an annual retreat at Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica the last week of June!   Come enjoy an array of sexy playshops, sensual yoga and erotic communication classes, ELR's Signature Sensorium Experience, group- bonding circles, Exotic Entertainment, Private parties and wildly fun group excursions.  There is also plenty of time to sip on a tropical drink while sunning your buns at the beach or pool every day!  
Hedonism Resort is an Adults Only, Lifestyle Friendly, Clothing Optional Resort!  Singles and Couples are welcomed!
Dr. Nan’s passion is empowering women.  She believes that our sexuality and pleasure is ours to control and enjoy.  Her work with men helps them navigate our changing world and the effect on their intimate relationships.  Everyone is cared for and offered opportunities for personal grow, awakening, exploration and playfulness within the safe, nonjudgmental, nurturing environment we create for for an entire week!  
Everyone leaves this experience feeling more in love with life than when then arrived.
Who Are We?  We have been growing together since 2013 and many of us find ways to connect year around.  Each year we welcome all new additions to the ELR family with open arms and open hearts.  Yes we all love the naughty Hedo atmosphere and the wildly permissive setting -and that is the cherry-on-top of the deeply moving and life affirming retreat we at ELR provide.
Who We Are Not - a purely swinger group.  Of course people in the swinging lifestyle are more than welcomed - as are those who are just dipping a toe into a more sexually free lifestyle.  We epitomize “The Lifestyle”, as you will find every definition possible amongst our guests and crew.  We welcome everyone equally.  This retreat celebrates diversity and humanity and honors the boundaries you create.  It’s more about loving ourselves just as we are - and leaning to accept others for exactly who they are in return.
We look forward to sharing this experience with you - no matter how many times we go, we always learn something new and come away a little more connected to who we authentically are.  And we always have some wild and crazy stories we can’t tell anyone we know at home!  
Booking Rooms Now!


or Call (530) 638-0221 for trip information. 

WHO ARE OUR GUESTS?  Single women, single men and some couples.  They are mature in mindset and attitudes, curious, adventurous, fun, loving, respectful and interesting.  Everyone attends the first evening Sexy Seminar - Navigating ELR & Life at Hedonism.  Your vacation will be a far greater one by taking this class.  We want to help minimize the human tendency for drama.  So, we prepare you with all the information you'll need to handle this experience like a seasoned Hedonist.  It challenges each and everyone of us in ways you can't predict.  That is the raw beauty of this microcosm of society - few rules, freedom to be authentic, stimulating environment.  POW!

Dr. Nan and her Exotic Lifestyle Team have even more in store for you June 22 - June 29, 2019

"It truly is a Retreat to learn, grow and experience, play, explore and make some of your future best friends...all under the professional, loving, and straight forward guidance of Dr. Nan."   

  • PLUS.... We take time to play and enjoy our growing ELR family with exotic parties, lounging by the pool or on the beach, special kayak, Hobie sailing, paddle board small groups, erotic theme nights, spicy contests, sexy photo shoots, naughty games and so much more!
  • MORNING ELR CONNECT HOUR ~ The daily ELR Connect Hour is a vital component to the group bonding and healing dynamic.  Everyone in our group is invited to meet the crew in the designated location every day at 10am.  We will discuss the daily plan, get to know each other better and Dr. Nan always has a mind opening/bending question of the day or topic of discussion to bring the group closer and get to know yourself and each other even better.
  • SEXY SUPPORT TEAM!   The sexy Men and women who travel with Dr. Nan bring a highly erotic energy, the best entertainment and the sought after "EXOTIC LIFESTYLE ATTITUDE" we all crave.  They do not disappoint.


See Below For Retreat Booking


  • A RARE OPPORTUNITY to redesign your sexual attitudes, life story, love & relationship patterns to bring about the changes your heart desires.  Struggling with self-love?  Fighting body shame?  Always seem to give yourself away with regret and shame?  Have trouble saying NO, or YES?  Taking life too seriously and need a chance to cut loose and feel free-spirited?  The daily sexy seminars and experiential program offers opportunities to learn, challenge, push, state, grow and find your authentic voice.  
  • THE UNIQUENESS OF HEDONISM.  Every group at Hedonism has a different intention; some are for swingers, some for nudists, some for vanilla couples who are curious and want more spice, and some are for singles curious about the lifestyle and enjoying a week of freedom, some lifelong friends who love to party hard.  There really is something for everyone, but not always every week.  So be mindful of which groups will be on site so you can find the group best suited to your vacation/retreat desires.
  • IF THIS RETREAT FITS, BOOK IT!  Your life will forever be enriched and you will find a new way of being YOU. If you are simply looking for a good rate then please do book with us and enjoy your vacation at Hedonism.  Some of our sexy seminars will be available for ala carte purchase depending on content of seminar and space availability.
  • ONE OF A KIND HEDONISM RETREATS!  The Exotic Lifestyle Retreat is a one-of-a-kind experience at Hedonism.  Created and Hosted by a Clinical Sexologist, Dr. Nan, who teaches Conscious Living Sexuality internationally, on radio and TV.  

EXTRA BONUS GIFT for those who do book the Retreat and Hotel with ELR… ONE FREE YEAR Platinum membership on the Exotic Lifestyle Club site.  Please create a profile and message me you have booked your trip and retreat with us.  You will then receive a confirmation and away we go!

Dr. Nan's work around the world as a Holistic Clinical Sexologist & Intimacy Educator keeps her inspired to make this event sexier and more stimulating year after year!

 Contact Dr. Nan Directly:       YES! BOOK NOW!



 Join our Exotic Lifestyle Retreat Team for a week of supported, guided and life enhancing sensual self-exploration at Hedonism Resort in Negril, Jamaica.  

          *  Perfect for women and the men who adore them. 

          *  We welcome singles, couples and groups of play friends.

          *  Goddess Focused Retreat

          *  Daily Playshops

          *  Sexy Seminars

          *  Guided Experiences designed for you to learn ancient secret to expand your treasure chest of experiences and erotic capacity.

          *  Intimate sharing circles for men and women; both together as well as gender specific to enhance your Hedonism Experience.

*VIP Retreat participants have ALL ACCESS to Playshops, Sharing Circles, private parties, massage and sensual partner yoga classes, and the incredible Erotic Sensorium Night.  You will also have first choice for scheduling personalized sessions with the professional facilitator at a discount. 

*VIP RATES:  The Retreat Facilitators offer private and semi-private sessions before, during and after the retreat at additional cost.  Please contact the facilitators in advance, as there is limited availability.

IF You BOOKED Your TRIP with ELR - You are considered an Automatic MEMBER:

Choose Price category and click link to pay. ONE PRICE FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK OF RETREAT FUN! 

MEMBER RATES                       PAYMENT DATES                               PER COUPLE                      PER PERSON

Early Bird                      Paid before August 30, 2018                             $140                                    $75      

Early bird+:                   Paid before Sept 30, 2018                                 $160                                    $85

Early Pmt:                     Paid between Oct 1 - Nov 30, 2017                  $190                                    $100

Regular Rate:                Paid between Nov 30, 2018 - Mar 1, 2019       $290                                    $150

LATE:                           Paid After Mar 1, 2019                                       $390                                   $200 

PAID ON SITE:             Paid during event week                                      $490                                   $250


If you Booked your trip with another travel agent, you are still welcome to purchase your RETREAT PACKAGE.

NONMEMBER RATES                       PAYMENT DATES                               PER COUPLE                      PER PERSON

Early Bird                          Paid before August 30, 2018                                 $240                                $125

Early bird+:                       Paid before Sept 30, 2018                                     $290                                $150

Early Pmt:                         Paid between Oct 1 - Nov 30, 2017                      $390                                $200

Regular Rate:                   Paid between Nov 30, 2018 - Mar 1, 2019            $490                                $250

LATE:                               Paid After Mar 1, 2019                                           $590                               $300

PAID ON SITE:                Paid during event week                                          $700                                $355

You will receive the final Itinerary once it has been approved by Hedonism - this should be available by March 2019.


2019 ELR Rates for All Inclusive Stay at Hedonism Resort.  RATES INLUDE ALL MEALS; INCLUDING GOURMET SIT DOWN RESTAURANTS AND UNLIMITED PREMIUM BRAND COCKTAILS, 24-HOURS A DAY.  PLUS AN ARRAY OF WATER AND LAND ACTIVITIES!   These rates DO NOT include airfare, transportation to and from airport, or ELR VIP Pass. 

Prices based on our dates only and a 5 night minimum stay.

Room Category                    PP/Dbl Occupancy          Single Occupancy                    Three Women Share

Garden View Reg                       $190/pp                            $230/pp                                $160/pp

Garden View Nude                     $225/pp                            $268/pp                                $180/PP

Ocean View Reg                         $230/pp                            $274/pp                                Not Available

Ocean View Nude                       $248/pp                            $297/pp

Prude Beach Jacuzzi Terrace    $274/pp                            $330/pp

Nude Beach Jacuzzi Terrace     $296/pp                            $360/pp

Ocean View Nude Upgrade        $298/pp                            $362/pp

Ocean View Nude Premium        $316/pp                            $384/pp

Ocean Nude Jacuzzi Premium    $386/pp                           $468/pp



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