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What to Expect At Hedonism
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What to Expect At Hedonism

What to Expect at Hedonism Resort

By Dr. Nan Pierce

Hedonism is an Adult’s Only, Clothing Optional, Lifestyle Friendly Resort in Negril, Jamaica.

he·don·ist ˈhēdənəst,ˈhedənəst/


A person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life; a pleasure-seeker.

· Adults Only: 18+ (Average age varies week-to-week based on the group themes)

· All Inclusive:  All of your food, beverages including top shelf liquor, room, entertainment, scuba diving, non motorized water craft and tips are included in the price of your stay.

· Clothing Optional A: You can be nude anyplace on the property except where they have sit-down dining. (The Nude Beach Grill is the one food service area nudity is mandatory)

· Clothing Optional B: You can be clothed anyplace on the property except the Nude pool. Nude Hot Tub or the Nude Beach.

· Lifestyle Friendly - Hedonism doesn’t discriminate: They don’t care if you’re a swinger, bisexual, tri-sexual, homo or hetero; if you arrive alone or with 5 sexual partners; if you are naked all the time or never get naked. The only thing they care about is that you have a great time, you are courteous to everyone, you accept a “No” answer gracefully, and you want to come back for every vacation from here on out. They also really hope you’ll be sexually responsible.

· What is the Lifestyle? The current definition is people who are open minded, free spirited, sexually curious, nonjudgmental, and love feeling free and sexy. This can include, but is not limited to, couples who are swingers, couples with open designer relationships, monogamous and monogamish couples, Poly relationships, single women or men seeking to live out some sexual fantasies, etc. It’s best to never assume anyone at Hedonism is anything – it’s best to simply have a conversation. Remember, the “lifestyle” is based on open communication, 100% honesty and disclosure, freedom to honor your authentic nature, compersion and specific guidelines devised by each person and couple. You will learn a lot by asking open-minded questions and doing more listening than talking if you are new to this world. It can be life altering.

· LADIES! The Sexiness Factor: One of the best parts of Hedo is the nightly fashion show (by guests and staff). Theme nights or just plain sexy attire is one of Hedo’s greatest pleasures for most of us. This is where you can bring out everything you would never, ever wear in your hometown, and strut your stuff proudly! You will never feel as sexy, or be treated as such, as you will at Hedo. Let your inner Slut Goddess Out to Play! You will be celebrated!

· Public Sex: While it is “against the rules”, many people are disobedient. Depending on the week, you might see a lot of PDS or none at all. The security crew are fickle and don’t always know what the rules are. It’s a confusing place. The nude hot tub after 1am can be a haven for any budding sexologist who wants to study human sexuality up close. If you are not interested is seeing sex, it’s best not go to the Hot Tub late at night. In fact, you might want to reconsider going to Hedo. Chances are you are going to see naked people, and people being sexual. It’s a highly charged sexy environment.

· The Nude Beach: Harry Lange, the Owner & CEO, says “there is only one tiny slice of earth you have to be naked, the rest of the earth you can don your clothing”. The Security staff will demand you to get naked if you want to hang out in the nude beach/pool area.

· No means No: Hedo has a zero-tolerance policy for any sort of harassment. If you ask once and are declined, do not keep asking. Simply say thank you for your honesty and move along. See Consent Video

· SAFER SEX VS SAFE SEX: First of all, there is no such thing as Safe Sex, but we can create safer, more conscious sexual experiences.  Consistent condom use is a great place to start.  No one should offer to have unprotected sex with you (unless you are in a long term committed relationship and have both done the testings).  Insist on protection for any form of penetration - vaginal, oral, or anal.  Oral Gonorrhea is on the rise and very antibiotic resistant.  

If you are interested in experiencing casual sex, these are the most respectful practices you can do for yourself and others.  Ask the questions before you get naked or hot and bothered.  Practice asking "When were you tested last"?  "What is your HIV Status"?  "Have you ever contracted an STI?"  This can only become commonplace conversation if you practice it - it will be uncomfortable at first - you'll get over it - you might not get over an infection.  Also, you need to be aware of something called Stealthing.  

· Single Men at Hedonism: This is a tricky area. If you are friendly to everyone (women and men) and are genuinely having a great time just being there – you will be welcomed and treated very well. If you are just there hunting to get laid, and you never can get laid at home, you will not have any better luck at Hedo. The women are NOT there to have sex with YOU. They are there to explore their sexual power and the sooner you learn that, the better time you’ll have. Women Rule at Hedo. Do not touch without asking permission, never just grab a woman (you’d be shocked how often that happens) and never, I MEAN NEVER put your fingers or anything else into a woman’s body (or man’s for that matter) who hasn’t given you conscious verbal consent.  See Consent Video

· Single Women at Hedonism: You are safe. Women are cared for at Hedo. Couples and groups will take you in and make sure you are having a great time. You just don’t want to venture off the resort alone, as this is a different culture and like anyplace in the world, there are some folks who will try to take advantage. Find a buddy and always let each know where you are going to be. It saves a lot of unnecessary grief if you go missing for a couple of hours.  You might want to go with a group so you can get to know your travel mates before you get there - it makes for more of a reunion feeling VS being the new kid(s).

· Off Site Excursions: The Tour Desk can help arrange an off site outing where you will be safe and get to see some of the beautiful Island of Jamaica. Make lasting memories and ask some of your new friends to go with you.  This is a great time to get your vacation photos!

· Exercise at Hedo? The Gym at Hedo is great (bring your gym shoes) and the beach is perfect for morning run. There is a tennis Pro, and visiting yoga, aerobics instructors. For the Exotic Lifestyle Events, Dr. Nan will be teaching some Sexy Partner Yoga and Sexy Seminar classes throughout the week.

· Tipping: Hedonism has a No Tipping Policy. A percentage of your resort fee is put into a fund and distributed among the entire staff – both front and back of the house. They do this so everyone wins if you come to Hedo. If an employee is caught accepting money they can lose their job. If you would like to bring them a gift, best to clear it with management first.

· The Hot Hedo Crew: We all know that the Hedo Crew is temptingly sexy. They flirt and frolic with the guests as a part of their job. However, they have a zero tolerance for fraternizing with the staff and they will lose their job, no second chance given. Be careful, jobs like Hedo are hard to come by and you don’t want to feel responsible for someone losing their livelihood.  Maintain respectful boundaries.

· The Hedo Rhythm: Hedo has a daily rhythm that you will catch onto very quickly. People tend to move from place to place as a group. Meals, beach/pool, nap, dinner, entertainment, piano bar, disco, hot tub. Depending on the group you’re with, there may be other parties, classes, excursions tossed in there. It’s fun and low stress. And if you don’t feel like going with the Hedo Flow, you can do your own thing and no one will mind.

- BOOKING YOUR TRIP:  Hedonism sells most of their rooms to group leaders and travel agents to resell. If you buy directly from Hedo you will pay a premium (often $100 more per night for two). Look for groups that have a theme or someone you know going with them. They will save you money, help arrange your travel, transfers, sometimes flights, and greet you upon arrival and make sure you have the sexiest vacation of your life.

- GROUPS AND THEIR LEADERS:  Not all groups or their hosts are created equal.  Some are more geared towards swingers, some for singles, some for nudists, etc.  They all have different personalities and intentions.  Contact the leaders themselves and have a conversation.  This can tell you a lot about why they go to Hedonism and what their group is all about.  Knowing who the hosts are can give you a better feeling for the type of group you'll be joining.  

- ENTERTAINMENT:  The resort has it's own entertainment crew who do an amazing job of adding an abundance of spice to the Hedo experience.  Some of the Groups also bring entertainment and create an Itinerary in addition to the one Hedonism has going.  This just creates more options for you to find the vacation experience of your dreams and fantasies.

- DINING:  Hedonism has won numerous awards for their cuisine.  There is the main dining buffet, the Italian, Teppanyaki and Steak House for evening dining.  No reservations required, first come, first serve.  There are also two grills, one prude beach and one nude beach.  The nude beach grill also serves pizza after midnight.

· Return Guest Frequency: The groups have formed because Hedonism has the highest return visitor rate in the world. At any given time, over 50% of the guest have been there before – and chances are you will meet many who have been there 30, 50, 100 times! Some outsiders have called Hedo a cult – when it’s just a lot of fun-loving, free-spirited, people who make some of their best friends in life at Hedo, and want to go back year after year for a reunion.

· Fears Before you go: We all had them. Fear we will not measure up, have the only scars, the only imperfections, be grossed out, etc. I can tell you personally, after 33 trips, all of those fears will melt away in your first 5 minutes on site. You will meet and see people of every size, shape, color, configuration; every type of relationship and more, people from other cultures, socioeconomic groups, and yet, you will feel a strange sense of family and unconditional loving kindness. No, you won’t want to have sex with everyone you meet – but you will make some of your best friends you’ll ever have, and your conversations will run deeper and hold more power than anything you’ve ever experienced, plus, you will laugh til you pee your pants and your face hurts!

· The Hedo Withdrawal: Join a FB group or the Exotic Lifestyle Club so you can still hang out and share stories, photos, friendships, and shared wild experiences. It will help you with the Hedo withdrawal you will certainly have as you board the bus at the end of your life changing vacation. The only effective treatment is to quickly book your next trip and start packing right away.

By Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

Holistic Clinical Sexologist, Intimacy & Health Expert

Unofficial Hedonism Ambassador since 2005.

(530) 638-0221

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