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What Is A Retreat Fee?
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What Is A Retreat Fee?

Exotic Lifestyle Retreat Fee

By Dr. Nan Pierce


"The more I plan for the next ELR, the more excited I become!   I have so many new ideas and my team has been adding theirs to the mix as well."  Dr. Nan

I Thought this was All Inclusive?    When you book your trip you are booking the All Inclusive Hotel.  Hedonism's version of All Inclusive is:  The room you have chosen, All your food at all the restaurants on property, All beverages, including Top Shelf Liquor (The wine and Coffee Bar's are seperate), Your Hedonism Entertainment, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Non motorized water craft (Hobie, kayaks, paddle boards), and Tips.  This does NOT include spa services, the on site store, Off Site Excursions or the Retreat Fee.

The Retreat Package;     A retreat package fee has been created since not everyone who books with us chooses to be a part of the actual retreat.  They book their trip with us because we have great rates and personal customer service and simply want to come to Hedo and do their own sexy thing.  Many event leaders add an extra percentage to the rate to cover their cost to run the event itself regardless of where or not you attend... I do not.

You Choose.    For our guests who want to fully experience the depth ELR offers, including the classes Dr. Nan herself prepares for and teaches (Sensual yoga, Sex Magic Secrets & Intimate Communication techniques, (she is always cooking up new sexy ideas for the next event), exclusive access to private sessions with a clinical sexologist or the other Sex Educators on the team, discounts on our some of our excursions, and RETREAT MEMBER ONLY access to the specially prepared events during the week.

YOU VOTE!  We can only offer these things with your support.  You VOTE with your dollars to support what you desire.

DISCOUNTS OFFERED.    There is a different price scale for ELR Members VS Non Members.  You are instantly a member once you book your trip with ELR.  

EARLY PAYMENT DISCOUNTS. The payments need to be received by the deadline dates to avoid the additional fee category being charged

PAY BEFORE JULY 31, 2017-   If you book by July 31st, 2017 the Retreat Fee is ONLY $50 per person if you are an ELR Member (you are automatically a member when you have booked your trip for 2018).   Follow the link below and send me your order. I will send you a paypal invoice once I receive your signed request. It’s a quick and easy online form.

1)   Member means you have already booked your trip with Exotic Lifestyle Retreats
2)   Find correct category - Member or Non Member
3)   See Date Ranges for Discounts
4)   Once you know your rate - Click PAYPAL PAYMENT HERE to make paypal payment.
5)   Fill in correct amount on the paypal site.
 You will receive the final Itinerary once it has been approved by Hedonism - this should be available by January 2018.
Retreat Package Pricing
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