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New Exotic Lifestyle Site

Welcome to the NEW and Improved Exotic Lifestyle Club!

We are thrilled to offer you something hot, current, sexy and easy to navigate.  We searched for something that would meet the needs of this rapidly growing community of sexy grown ups.  We are open minded, fun loving, free spirited and loving life!  We are respectful, interested and interesting.  We are honest and forthcoming, don't play silly games and love intelligent conversations.  

The only rules here - because this is NOT FACEBOOK - are the following:

*  Respect Is key in any and all interactions

*  You can ask any question, please accept any answer graciously

*  Sexy photos (nudes are allowed) are welcomed

*  No photos of children or animals engaged in any illegal or unethical behavior (examples are child porn or beastiality)

*  No depictions of violent, non consensual acts upon any creature or being.

We are looking forward to you inviting your sexiest friends to join us.  We will be offering great discounts for memberships added, as well as discounts on VIP Packages for any of our Exotic Lifestyle Retreats you book with us.  

Please Be Interactive - Your participation is what will make this site the hottest place for grown ups to come play.

If you have any questions or discover something we've missed in our excitement to get the site to you - please email us at


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