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My First Hedonism Experience by Exclusive
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My First Hedonism Experience by Exclusive

Hedonism II 2017

by Exclusive

Summer of 2017, where do I start?  June 24-July 1st I have to say, was a life changer.  Every moment, every second, every breath of fresh tropical air was exactly what I needed.  To be respected as a woman and for our group to have a pledge made me feel safe and protected as well.  It was a privilege and the greatest opportunity that has come my way yet!  I am thankful for Cameo of City of Doms, Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce as the host of Exotic Lifestyle Retreat group and Hedonism II Resort and staff.

From the very moment I knew I was going to be in Jamaica I couldn't wait any longer.  I have been wanting to step foot on the island for years and it has finally come.  Hedo being my first experience in Jamaica was wild, wicked, refreshing, and indescribable.  I couldn't have asked for a better group of ELR staff, dancers and guests.  Everyone on the entire resort was so positive, free, nonjudgmental and open minded.  To connect with human beings by energy work, soulfully and spiritually brings an intense warm opening feeling to your heart which I feel every human needs to experience!  If only we could see each other's souls instead of the body first, how different human ways would be.  It is an indescribable feeling how much I needed and deserved an entire week of new scenery, love, appreciation, work and vacation.  Everything was definitely more pure and organic if you know what I mean?  From the food to the drinks, the ocean water and the air.


Having different themes each day and night on our group itinerary was a fun stretch to follow.  This being my first trip, I prepared in the best way I could and seeing individual others and couples having been there previously that were full spirited with outfits each night always put a smile on my face.  I love seeing people be who they are, who they want to be and doing what makes them happy.  The performance from Hedo employees every night in the main dining room always brought surprises.  they were breathtaking, mind blowing, and I loved it all!  I'm grateful I had time to speak and lounge around with some of the entertainment crew and chat about dancing and to applaud them for their work.  Dancing at Hedo brought more of my inner sensual side out, as I am already a very sensual and pleasing type of dancer, Hedo let me be completely free with it as well.  the first main stage teaser was nice with an actual backstage setting, curtains and a raised front view stage with lights and a live band.  Our official ELR Performance in the disco was probably the most anticipated show I've been on.  Everything went smooth, the crowd's every was different and my work became extraordinary!  I've always wanted to feel what it was like to be a superstar; Exclusive definitely was in Jamaica Mon!!

From excursions together as a group, down time, personal time and especially rooms having mirrors on the ceiling along with the playroom looking like an open European spa and the wicked wild room to the side, many fantasies and bucket listings were checked off!  You really find so many more sides to yourself, if you take the time to do so.  I couldn't have done that if I didn't choose to let everything at home go and telling myself, "let it be, experience this special opportunity for one whole week". So I did!  My soul became more pure, heart was smiling and beating happily throughout the entire week and the best is still to come ;-)  

Thank you Hedonism II Negril, Jamaica, Dr. Nan, ELR, Cameo and City of Dom's participants - I am excited and already looking forward to next year!

One Love,



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