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ELR Mission Statement
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ELR Mission Statement


BY Dr. Nan Pierce

"The mission of Exotic Lifestyle Retreat (ELR) is to create exotic vacation experiences catering to women and the men who adore them. ELR offers a particularly unique experience for those who attend. We are here to support and empower women who want to feel free to explore their sensual and sexual side without concern of judgment or shame. For some, they want to get their sexy back after children, divorce, or are healing from sexual trauma or loss of self-confidence. Enjoying an entire week feeling pampered, treated like goddesses and surrounded by exotic beauty is what most fantasize about and have never experienced. And we, as the ELR Team, are privileged to come together to create this setting of acceptance and free-spirited fun in one of the most exotic locations on earth."

WHY JOIN US? Women deserve to feel loved, adored and appreciated so they can freely and unapologetically blossom into the sensual, sexual goddesses they are meant to be.

ARE MEN INCLUDED?  Men who witness and participate in this experience will forever be changed and more grateful for all the women in their lives.

YOUR JOURNEY is guided by an exotic team of caring & respectful men and women who are knowledgeable and sensitive to your deepest desires. Highly trained to provide a safe setting to feel vulnerable, sexy and consensually accept pleasure on your personal terms. All while under the compassionate, loving and professional guidance of a Clinical Sexologist, Sensuality & Intimacy Expert, Health & Wellness coach and international retreat leader, who personally hosts & oversees every detail of your retreat experience.

Give yourself one-week this year to put your name at the top of your "To Love and To Take Care of List" so you can refuel your sex energy source from which all your life's creativity and energetic forces emerge. You have more than earned this, it’s your birthright!

Find our when, where, how much and how to book your adventure into the exotic/erotic!

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You can support the ELR Movement all year long by booking your next Hedonism trip that is NOT an Exotic Lifestyle Retreat week through our ELR Hedo Affiliate...

Any other week during the year you want to visit Hedonism, please show your Support and your belief in us and our mission by checking out rates via our ELR Affiliate with Hedonism...

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