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  • Couples Cruise
    San Pedro Pier
    03 October 2017  /  0   Members
  • Valentine's Intimacy & Sex Magic Retreat
    Hedonism Resort
    10 February 2018  /  2   Members
  • Exotic Lifestyle Retreat "Hedo Reunion" 2017
    Hedonism II
    24 June 2017  /  0   Members
  • Exotic Lifestyle Retreat 2018
    Hedonism Resort
    23 June 2018  /  0   Members
  • Desire Barcelona Rome Cruise April 2018
    Desire Cruise April 2018
    28 April 2018  /  0   Members





"As many of the other reviews will state, Dr. Nan is simply one of the most professional, accepting, knowledgeable and positive individuals I have ever had the honor to meet. In the past few years, I have had the pleasure to accompany Exotic Lifestyle Events on not only one, but two trips to Hedonism II! Both times were absolute paradise! Dr. Nan makes booking your trip with Exotic Lifestyle Events quick and easy and provides an array of classes/excursion during your stay to keep you entertained and titillated! Not only does Dr. Nan take great care in creating a safe, fun and sex positive environment, she is always willing to help answer any questions related to her field of study. I highly recommend all her events, especially her Intimacy & Sex Magic Retreat which she hosts during Valentine's week. If you are looking to book a trip that will ignite your mind, body and soul book through Dr. Nancy and Exotic Lifestyle Events - you WILL NOT be disappointed.  "

Kay York, Repeat ELR Offender