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  • Couples Cruise
    San Pedro Pier
    03 October 2017  /  0   Members
  • Valentine's Intimacy & Sex Magic Retreat
    Hedonism Resort
    10 February 2018  /  2   Members
  • Exotic Lifestyle Retreat "Hedo Reunion" 2017
    Hedonism II
    24 June 2017  /  0   Members
  • Exotic Lifestyle Retreat 2018
    Hedonism Resort
    23 June 2018  /  0   Members
  • Desire Barcelona Rome Cruise April 2018
    Desire Cruise April 2018
    28 April 2018  /  0   Members





"I love to travel and have traveled as often as I can. I became a certified travel agent so I can travel more alone and with others who like adventure. I do know that traveling in groups there can be many ups and downs because of the multiple personalities which can hinder an enjoyable time. This was my first time traveling with ERL and I must say the people were AMAZING and so respectful that I would not hesitate to travel with them again. I invited several other people to join ELR on their next adventure because the people are warm and friendly and everyone makes you feel welcomed. This was not my first time in Cancun, Mexico, but I must admit it was one of the best times I’ve ever had here, and I owe that all to the wonderful men and women of EXOTIC LIFESTYLE RETREAT."

Thank you, N.S.