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Club members enjoy participating in groups for like-minded people who desire a more private way to explore their interests. Are you new to BDSM? Curious about the Swinging lifestyle? Want to live a sexier life? Create or join a group today!

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  • Couples Cruise
    San Pedro Pier
    03 October 2017  /  0   Members
  • Valentine's Intimacy & Sex Magic Retreat
    Hedonism Resort
    10 February 2018  /  2   Members
  • Exotic Lifestyle Retreat "Hedo Reunion" 2017
    Hedonism II
    24 June 2017  /  0   Members
  • Exotic Lifestyle Retreat 2018
    Hedonism Resort
    23 June 2018  /  0   Members
  • Desire Barcelona Rome Cruise April 2018
    Desire Cruise April 2018
    28 April 2018  /  0   Members





"Oh man! How do I even begin to express what I've learned from Dr. Nan? She has taught me so much about myself and about life all around! Coming into the exotic lifestyles group I didn't know what to expect, but after a class of Hedo 101. I was ready to take on the challenge of getting to know myself better and others.! I look forward to leaving the country with her and the rest of the group as much as I can possibly handle! Going from being a lifestyle virgin to being the social butterfly I have become! . I'd pay extra Money just to travel with Dr. Nan... Ok I'm done telling you all how wonderful she is… And how great Hedo is too. You won't know until you go!! Over and out."

Trisha Mailei, ELR Repeat Travel Client